So! I've finally gotten around to putting my blog up. Progress on everything has been slow (even though nothing I want to do on here is in any way complex or time consuming), which is fine. My next site-based projects are:
> Get the gallery up in a way I'm satisfied with
> Showcase some of my older photography and recent art
> Set up a links page
> Put some of my writing up
Again, nothing complicated (for now). It's likely to take me a while to get it all done though.
I've been extremely lethargic recently, it being a struggle to remain awake for more than 5-ish hours at a time. Luckily for me I haven't been having as many nightmares, otherwise this perpetual lassitude would be fucking unbearable. At the very least I don't fear falling asleep. The sleepiness has been preventing me from doing a lot of things that I would otherwise want to do (hobbies, study, etc), including working on Undicola, which is a huge shame because I really want to have a little (functioning) space of my own on the web. Right now I'm pretty unhappy with this blog layout, but I'm going to let myself adjust it in the future. For now, this is fine.